Weekend Assignment 2

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A content management system was foreign to me before a few weeks ago. However, after completing some exercises in class, it is apparent that a CMS is a valuable resource for collecting and organizing data and other materials. The professional atmosphere is constantly changing and becoming increasingly digital. With the additions of social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn companies are frequently searching for people who are able to work CMS. Having a competitive advantage over other employees is vital when entering the existing job market. The ability to work CMS is a special technical tool that will separate individuals from others.

I have worked with online content before but never through CMS. The CQ press Web site is a helpful and effective tool for  technical knowledge expansion. Developing and changing headlines, linking and creating post tags are new tools that also help separate prospective employees. Additionally, the ability to effectively summarize stories distinguishes journalists from others. Even though I don’t plan on pursuing a journalism profession, content analysis and data organization methods are additional tools for success and further knowledge.

The use of CMS was presented to us because its growing use in business and news media. This growth stage is the transformation of online content organization. CMS could potentially be changed into something else over the next five years. If changes are made, people who are currently able to work CMS will better adapt to the technological changes.

Businesses and firms have implemented CMS into their professional environments. Marketing firms are using CMS to better understand their customers and analyze methods that are ineffective. This might include the deletion of direct mail, improving market measurement and linking information technology with marketing tools. George Dearing better explains these developing changes on his Information Week blog.

My expertise in CMS is lacking. My knowledge needs to grow and develop. I believe CMS is the future in data analysis and storage and I need to learn a substantial amount of additional information to be effective with CMS. Throughout MC330, I hope to develop my knowledge and skills, explore new tactics that will be more efficient and continue to use CMS after the course.


Weekend Assignment

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Fleet’s “14 Key Skills and Attributes for New Public Relations” is an excellent analysis of the competitiveness of the public relations field and the attributes new public relations professionals should possess. The ability to write is the most critical and important skill to own, especially in the public relations field. The ability to express thoughts on a page in a concise and clear manner, trumps all other attributes. Throughout my education, my writing has transformed into something that pleases me. The other attributes Fleet mentions are pertinent to become a successful public relations practitioner. However, I believe the ability to pay close attention to detail is most imperative. This is not so much a skill, but a habit that should form after multiple written works. Attention to detail is central in various professional activities and should not be understated. This habit is most critical for me. Personally, editing is a habit that is currently forming but needs reinforcing periodically. Additionally, I believe my business skills will help through my professional experience. I enjoy marketing and the invisible aspects of business. Advertising, branding and marketing are all areas that I find fascinating. In Lavrusik’s piece, I became surprised by the necessary programming trait he presented. The addition of multimedia writing to the mass communications department is essential toward student knowledge and professionalism. Since journalism is transforming into online production, student knowledge on specific computer programs should be top priority for administrators. Fleet mentioned the importance of social networking ethics and I agree. Social media is an impressive tool for public relations professionals. However, since the information is omnipresent, ethics should be considered when using social media sites. Fleet and Lavrusik covered the necessities and mentioned some underlying traits that public relations professions should attain before entering the field. They are great professionals who publish meaningful material.

Minnesota Timberwolves

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I’m a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. However, they’re not very good. With players like Kevin Love and Michael Beasley, they have a foundation in which to build an organization around. Minnesota has been dubbed by ESPN sports columnist Bill Simmons as “NBA Siberia”. A change in culture should be important to the Minnesota Timberwolves organization. Here’s a link to their Web site Minnesota Timberwolves.

MC 330

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This is the first blog post for Multimedia Writing, MC 330.  This class will enforce the importance and relevance of the multimedia culture throughout society today.  This post will most likely be the first of many to come.

Hello world!

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