Integrating a Social Media Policy

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

After reading Thornburg’s chapter on “Journalism as Conversation” it became apparent to me the importance of social media ethics and policies.  Social media sites are still new to the public.  They may not be new to tech-savvy users, however they are growing throughout the population of beginning users.  Social media sites such as Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn all have an intrusive trait that has never been seen before their implementation.  This trait allows us, as users, to set limits on what is witnessed and read.  As users and business professionals, it is crucial to develop a social media policy that satisfies privacy and guideline requirements.  Along with reading chapter 11, I read a quality piece on the 10 Must-Haves for a Social Media Policy.  When developing a social media policy in a business, I think it is imperative to define the importance of social media.  Additionally, we need to introduce what the purpose of social media is and how to properly use it.

Secondly, it is vital to convey the importance of responsible writing.  Make sure clients are aware that what they publish could hurt company image or procedures.  Like any business decision, our social media policy should reach our targeted audiences.  It is important that we reach potential and current readers.  Another policy needed to compile an effective social media plan is to have all employees exercise good judgement.  This may be slightly vague, but employees should not publish any hurtful or demeaning language.  Additionally, our policy will contain a section devoted to understanding copyright and fair use procedures.  The last policy implemented would be the importance of bringing value and news elements to published work.  This will create publicity and awareness.

Lastly, I would individually want to edit or review all work done by professionals.  This will give me the ultimate power to make decisions.  This may seem very demanding, but it means I will also take 100 percent of the blame when functions are not proper.

All these policies are imperative to business organization.  Social media is a new concept that is starting to be grasped by different populations.  If a social media policy is implemented, then everyone is aware of potential harms and dangers to the company.  Also, boundaries are set and determined therefore preventing a potential crisis.


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