Bad audio, bad video, bad story

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

PR Week’s story focusing on New York Fashion week was flawed in many key areas.  It was evident from the beginning that this story lacked the substance and editing to be an effective news story.  First, there were many issues surrounding the visual elements in the story.  Primarily, the lighting was so poor that it became tough to see the interviewees and their facial expressions.  Additionally, the camera angles were basic and provided no sense of professionalism.  Along with the poor camera angels, the story didn’t provide any neat effects that grab my attention.  The camera work was sub par and really lowered the quality of the story.  The point of effective camera use is to provide an illustration about the audience and the “vibe” that is present throughout the event. The Mecedes-Benz Fashion week is the “super bowl” for fashion executives and supporters.  This story fails to depicts the attractiveness of this event and the people that help make it known.

The audio was at an equal level as the video in this story.  Background noises were very frequent and disturbed the flow of the interviews with top fashion executives.  The interview with Naeem Khan was very choppy and didn’t accentuate his skills as a top fashion professional.  Additionally, the interview with Paul Wilmot was the worst of all interviews in the story.  This interview included choppy audio and nearly impossible visual content.

There are many ways I would have made this story a more effective one.  Specifically, I would have used a tripod to take steady visual clips.  These clips would be conducted in areas of good light and been visually striking.  Secondly, I would have tried to conduct interviews where the background noise doesn’t impede the audio content.  Lastly, I would have used a interviewer who sounded more professional.  The interviewer seemed like she didn’t rehearse her questions and didn’t understand the professionalism needed within the industry.  Overall, the story was very poor and should never have been published.


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