Effectiveness of Still Images and Photo Galleries

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Air Raids hit Gadhafi stronghold of Sirte in Libya” was a comprehensive article developed by Yahoo News that depicts the recent air attack on Libya.  This article accurately illustrates the political struggle in Libya with more than 100 pictures and multimedia content.  The reason this article is so strong is because the content is strictly focused on the people and attitudes of Libya. Specific photos put a strong emphasis on the actual events that are occurring in Libya.  These photos complement the text in a well-ordered fashion and point out each specific event in excellent visual representation.  Additionally, the article covers the specifics of the struggle in Libya but in my opinion is too long.  I, personally, lost interest in the story after a few paragraphs.  This story would be more effective if it was cut in half.  The strong suite of this story is the multimedia content that borders the text.  Users are able to view slideshows that detail specific problems associated with Libya’s dictator Muammar Gaddafi.  Also, readers can view video content of President Obama speaking about the Libya situation.

This story rivals other stories from other top news sources.  However, I believe it better informs people who are unaware of the turmoil occurring in Libya.  The pictures, video and news article are of higher quality than The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Washington Post.  Although Yahoo’s story is quite long, it really delves into the real social and political issues that are affecting the people of Libya.


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