Weekend Assignment

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Fleet’s “14 Key Skills and Attributes for New Public Relations” is an excellent analysis of the competitiveness of the public relations field and the attributes new public relations professionals should possess. The ability to write is the most critical and important skill to own, especially in the public relations field. The ability to express thoughts on a page in a concise and clear manner, trumps all other attributes. Throughout my education, my writing has transformed into something that pleases me. The other attributes Fleet mentions are pertinent to become a successful public relations practitioner. However, I believe the ability to pay close attention to detail is most imperative. This is not so much a skill, but a habit that should form after multiple written works. Attention to detail is central in various professional activities and should not be understated. This habit is most critical for me. Personally, editing is a habit that is currently forming but needs reinforcing periodically. Additionally, I believe my business skills will help through my professional experience. I enjoy marketing and the invisible aspects of business. Advertising, branding and marketing are all areas that I find fascinating. In Lavrusik’s piece, I became surprised by the necessary programming trait he presented. The addition of multimedia writing to the mass communications department is essential toward student knowledge and professionalism. Since journalism is transforming into online production, student knowledge on specific computer programs should be top priority for administrators. Fleet mentioned the importance of social networking ethics and I agree. Social media is an impressive tool for public relations professionals. However, since the information is omnipresent, ethics should be considered when using social media sites. Fleet and Lavrusik covered the necessities and mentioned some underlying traits that public relations professions should attain before entering the field. They are great professionals who publish meaningful material.


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